Training Offer at Preschool

Mimosa Bilingual Preschool features a recognised Training Offer Plan of excellence. In fact, by addressing and interpreting the growing needs of our society, Mimosa School offers, starting with the Preschool, a bilingual course in Italian and English which provides for all didactic activities in both languages.

This course, started and achieved by the children of the experimental class of 2011, has allowed them to attain such a knowledge of English in order to successfully deal with bilingualism in Primary School without any problem.

Preschool is structured in three modules, according to the children’s age. Four teachers, two Italians and two native English speakers, are in charge. They work in synergy by proposing many activities depending on the children’s skills and the programme goals.

In the bilingual Italian/English course, all activities, morning and afternoon, are implemented in both languages, with the same total hours for children aged 3 and 4. In the classroom of 5 year old children, the activities in English reach a percentage of 70% of the total hours. Preschool educational activities for 5 years old children are both in Italian and in English.

Of course, since the rule of “one language = one person” is always observed, native English teachers will ALWAYS speak English, even outside the classroom and their non-teaching hours.

Moreover, since we believe in cooperation and in the active contribution of everybody besides teachers – in line with the Training Offer Plan (in English TOP; in Italian POF, Piano dell’Offerta Formativa), with families, and with the territory in which Mimosa works –, by keeping in mind our goals, the Board of Teachers offer some additional activities and projects. These have a strong interdisciplinary value within the process of learning/teaching, since they activate and enhance the cross-curricular skills and competences. Therefore, the Training Offer of the School is enriched by events and activities to which children take part in the school year, according to the programme of each class.

Among these events, there are theatre and cinema shows, planning of shows, themed field-trips, contests of different kinds (literary, artistic), visits to museums and exhibitions, participation in various solidarity events, instructive trips, competitions, sport races, etc.

Last, but not least, the close cooperation with the Primary School allows teachers to implement an integrated curriculum aimed at offering continuity between the two.

Mimosa Bilingual School loves happiness and tries to encourage the joy to be together every day through warm-heartedness, a pleasant environment, joyful encounters, and positive experiences of life and growth.