At Mimosa, teachers are distinguished by their:

  • Qualification – All teachers, both native Italian and English speakers and special discipline teachers, are highly qualified, certified, and experienced.
  • Education and continuous training – Mimosa School is focused on its teachers’ education, modernisation, and continuous training. To this purpose and in order to implement bilingualism in the best way, the School has availed itself of the opportunity to cooperate with the British Council, which has trained teachers in several full-time deep training courses that are still in progress, and which constantly check their skills and programmes taught in the classroom. Additionally, every year all teachers attend training and updating courses on different and specific teaching subjects.
  • Continuity – One on the many points of strength of Mimosa Bilingual School is continuity: teachers’ activities, coordinated by the School principal, are implemented in agreement and mutual trust, so to guarantee very low levels of staff turnover.
  • Educational style – The School educational style is focused on each child and on the general effort to create an agreeable environment where each student is at ease and encouraged to be curious, to learn, and to give his/her best.

Besides taking care and cleaning the rooms, the auxiliary staff cooperates with teachers to guarantee the children’s vigilance.

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